Insects and Rodents can not only be a nuisance but can be a hazard to your health, so regular pest management is not only vital, but a responsibility to protect you, your loved ones, and your home.


Termites eat 24/7 and can cause billions of dollars in damage each year. Even as you sleep they are destroying your home. Call today for your FREE TERMITE INSPECTION!


Do you have swarms or a beehive and would like it removed or relocated ? We try to Save The Bees whenever possible. Click here for more information.


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We Serve Both Residential and Commercial Areas

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The First and ONLY pest control company in Southern California that aggressively saves bees and relocates them to orchards and farmlands.

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Serving the following counties in Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura.


ABBA’s technician did an amazing job at my home! I had went into my garage to find my washer not working so I called the washer guy he came out and found that our wires and hoses had been chewed up by rats. The rats did about $350 worth of damage and he said he’d order the parts and I’d just have to take care of the rat problem. So I got the number for ABBA from my neighbor she said she’s used them before for termites and they did a good job for her home, so I decided to give them a call. A technician came out and used a wire mesh to seal off the openings where he believed the rats were coming in through. He was very knowledgeable and neat with his work. He also set up rat traps and agreed to come once a week to check on them and he did. I got my washer fixed and since the technician sealed the areas the problem was gone. If these ever come back or if I get any other pest problems I know who to call. Thanks ABBA!

ABBA was friendly and called back quickly! Had a problem with fleas and spiders but not anymore! The service was beyond nice and friendly explained everything with zero attitude, big plus for me! I would definitely recommend this company.

I called a few companies to shop around for a pest control company that was not so pricy yet, polite and on time and that would eliminate my on going ant situation. I was pleased to find ABBA because I found out they also service for bees as well. In the past summers we’ve had bees and to top it off I thought this was GREAT they save them! I know bees are important for our crops so I thought this was wonderful. When I called, the girl that answered was polite and had a technician call me to discuss my ant problem we set a time and he came out and sprayed the ants. The technician was on time which was a plus because I’ve had a bad experience in the past with another pest company that wouldn’t make his appointment times. Not from ABBA though, the technician was GREAT! He did a good job on my home so I use them regularly. I have and would recommend ABBA for anyone’s pest control situation.